Arrowhead 3rd Party Cylinder Testing

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Arrowhead Industrial Services is a specialized, independent inspection and testing company based in the USA with regional offices in California, the United Kingdom, Portugal and China. Operating on a global basis, we ensure that all our clients conform to regulations in their geographical area of interest and to minimize the risks of manufacturing and transporting compressed gas containers up to 12,000 liters capacity.

Arrowhead Industrial Services USA provides inspection services for the U.S. and Canadian markets working closely with the Department of Transportation [DOT] and Transport Canada [TC]. Our service Laboratories provide a full range of testing capabilities utilized by Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Arrowhead Industrial Services Ltd, and Arrowhead Industrial Services EU.

Industries they serve: Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc and its subsidiaries (Arrowhead Limited and Arrowhead EU) provide their clients with a single source for cylinder certifications/approvals and performance laboratory testing. With one call, you can speak with the most appropriate Arrowhead Team Member to answer your questions and receive the support you need.

Arrowhead Industrial Services USA, Inc. provides a responsive value-added experience by being the only domestic IIA committed to a UKAS 17020 accredited quality management system. Coupled with our direct involvement in cylinder/pressure vessel publication standards development such as the Compressed Gas Association, Canadian Standards Association and Technical Committee 58 working groups provide Arrowhead with the most current technical positions, direct working knowledge and historical relevance to guide you through the complex regulatory processes of certifications and approvals.

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