30 Min. Part# 30-2216AL – 8.5L 2216 PSI Aluminum Cyl. DOT, TC

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30 Min. Part# 30-2216AL – 8.5L 2216 PSI Aluminum Cyl. DOT, TC

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• Shipping charges will not be applied until final/formal invoice has been sent to your company.  We can also blind ship to your customer on our shipping account.  Your company also has the option of using your own shipping company and sending us a Waybill or BOL. 
• Save 40% to 60% off SCBA manufacturer cylinder prices
• Unlimited service life with 5 Year Hydro-static Testing
• Millions of units sold into 80+ countries and all without ever experiencing a field
service failure
• The highest abrasion resistance available as compared to other
cylinder manufacturers
• Meets or exceeds all Regulatory Technical Standards for DOT, TC & ISO.
• Our cylinders fit all makes & models of SCBAs
• BTIC currently supplies New Cylinders to SCOTT, MSA, DRAEGER & HONEYWELL
• 2,000+ Employees, 7 Manufacturing Facilities, 36 Different cylinder types, 300,000+ annual SCBA cylinder production capability 
• 8 – 12 week delivery to your facility.  5 to 9 day delivery when we have stock in our UT facility.


30 Minute Duration
Pressure 2216 PSI
For Use With:
Part# 30-2216AL

Our NEW Aluminum Cylinders are built around DOT & TC specifications and have a working pressure of 2216 psig. These cylinders are made with the highest grade of aluminum alloy.  This cylinder is rated for 30 minutes in duration. Our cylinders are manufactured to the same specifications and standards as our leading new SCBA competitors. 

Our NEW DOT approved cylinders are not only the highest quality cylinder on the market they are also the best priced. 

Includes: FREE Valve Installation & FREE Port Gland O-Ring

All Cylinder’s are sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Dealer Information:

As a dealer for Pro-Lite Cylinder we kindly ask that you contact us to find out if we have stock for this cylinder.  If stock is available we will ship with in a couple of days of receiving your order.  If stock is not available please allow approximately 8 – 12 weeks for delivery from the date your purchase order is received.

  • – 50% deposit is required when your purchase order is issued to us (unless your account has excellent payment history) and the balance owing will be net 30 days from the date you receive your cylinders.   Should you fail to pay net 30 your account will be put on prepay only.
  • – Payment can be made via Wire Transfer (please contact us for our wire transfer info), Check, Direct Deposit (please contact us for our account info), Paypal (3% processing) and Credit Card (3% processing fee)
  • – Shipping Costs will be determined after your order is placed and added to your final invoice.  Shipping costs will be our exact cost (no mark up).  You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping.
  • – All orders over 20 cylinders will be shipped on a pallet via freight forwarder.
  • – All orders under 20 cylinders will be shipped in boxes via UPS or FEDEX.


1. Cylinder duration varies by user.
2. All prices are Ex works, Lindon, UT 84042.
3. Prices are subject to change based on cost of materials and shipping costs.
4. Prices shown are effective September 1, 2023
5. Reconditioned valves include a limited 6 month warranty. Contact us to obtain an RMA number should you require a warranty repair.
6. Please ensure that the port configuration of each cylinder is appropriate for the valve you intend to use.
7. For proper valve compatibility, please contact us.
9. Customer supplied components are not covered under Pro-Lite Cylinder’s cylinder or valve warranty.  Unless of course we overhaul the valve assembly.
10. MS & STD port configurations refers to the type of O-ring gland groove machined into the cylinder which receives the valve
& O-ring gland. If you do not know the specific type of port configuration, please check with us.
11. No Minimum Order Quantity is required.


• Ask which SCBA brand the new cylinder will be used in.
• Determine the required SCBA operating pressure and cylinder
• Will valves be required?
• Are replacement O-rings required?
• If changing cylinder duration, will the new cylinder fit existing
storage locations and/or seat brackets?


• 2216 Cylinders – Have 2 Different O-Ring Port Configurations. Make sure to order the correct MSA Valve. Use MSA brand valves only.
• Quick Connect G1 adapters are available for an additional $175.00 per valve.

• Ask which valve handle is preferred: Tri-lobe or Round.

• Quick connect not available.

• Survivair hoop wrap cylinders use a large diameter valve. When
purchasing a new carbon composite cylinder, hoop wrap valves
will not be compatible.  Please make sure the new cylinder you are buying is compatible to the Survivair valve you want to use.





Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 7 in

2017, 2018, 2019


Drager, Interspiro, MSA G1, No Valve, NXG2/NXG7 SCOTT, Standard MSA, Standard SCOTT, Survivair (Sperian)